iOne Think Tank: Feedback is a Gift

Dr. Fred Johnson | 9/18/2020 5:59:41 PM

We've all heard the saying "Feedback is a gift" - but it doesn't always feel like a gift when you're on the receiving end of questions and criticism.

How can feedback be a powerful tool to build up leaders and strengthen teams? How can individuals be prepared to receive this information openly and productively? Dr. Fred shares the foundation required to create a team (and likely a virtual one) that can give and receive feedback in real time to encourage innovation, accountability, and transparency. 

10 Thoughts on Feedback
  1. Do people feel comfortable giving you feedback? Do you receive it often?
  2. Feedback not shared will go underground.
  3. Feedback withheld is not KIND.
  4. You are responsible for how you deliver feedback (but now how it is received).
  5. Feedback requires 2 conversations
  6. Trust is the foundation for giving defective feedback
  7. When they feel respected, people will listen in the feedback moment.
  8. The tone is more important than the content.
  9. Don’t stop at the last 5%
  10. How you receive feedback will determine your future.

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