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iOne Think Tank | PEWAUKEE
Thoughtful Leaders
We've discussed Naysayers and how they can negatively impact an organization. This month we'll look at the flipside of a naysayer and will introduce the Thoughtful Leader. Thoughtful Leaders are critical to the health of an organization. We'll discuss how to identify, include, and encourage these key leaders. 

We are pleased to partner with our friends at The Benefit Services Group & Hausmann-Johnson to host a special Think Tank for our Madison & Milwaukee area leaders! 
Thursday- September 26th 7:45am CDT
The Benefit Services Group
Pewaukee, WI
The Exit Planning Summit 2019
Leading Up - Stretch Yourself to the Next Level of Leadership Excellence
Dr. Fred Johnson will deliver the keynote address to this great group of exit planners, professionals, and executives. 
Monday- September 23rd San Antonio, TX
More Info
iOne Think Tank | October
Some People Just Need a T-Shirt

Do you need a program to show gratitude or does it come from the heart?

There is a connection between gratitude, accountability and shame, so how do you create recognition that does not hinder your leadership?

Friday - October 11th 7:30am CDT
Green Bay, WI & Online
iOne Think Tank | November
Topic will be announced soon, but you can register today to secure your spot!
Friday - November 8th 7:30am CDT
Green Bay, WI & Online
iOne Think Tank | December
Topic will be announced soon, but you can register today to secure your spot!
Friday - December 6th 7:30am CDT
Green Bay, WI & Online

Links to Past Think Tank RECORDINGS:

Month Topic Keywords
Sept-2017 Mirror Leadership Authenticity, Culture Shaping, Family, High Performance Teams, Self-Awareness, Trust
Oct-2017 Leadership Fears Challenges, Failure, Personal Growth
Nov-2017 Lucky Leadership Pill Personal Growth, Self-Belief, Leadership Transformation, Learning
Dec-2017 Thank You Accountability, Communication, Family, Transparency, Trust, Values
Jan-2018 Three Essential Conversations for Conflict Accountability, Challenges, Communication, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Self-Belief
Feb-2018 Formula for Maximum Impact Culture Shaping, Family, Generational Differences, Millennials
Mar-2018 Leading Big Egos Influence, Challenges, Leadership, Self-Awareness
Apr-2018 Leading Beyond the Cave Culture Shaping, High Performance Teams, Leading Change, Purpose, Self-Belief
May-2018 Does Age Really Matter? Communication, Culture, Emerging Leaders, Generational Differences, Leadership, Millennials, Self-Awareness
Jun-2018 Leadership Wins Culture, Goals, Growth, Self-Belief
Aug-2018 Change Initiative - The ROI of Leading Well Culture Shaping, Emotional Intelligence, High Performance Teams, Leading Change, Self-Awareness
Sept-2018 Leadership Pressure - The Price of Being Relevant Authenticity, Honesty, Leadership Transformation, Purpose, Self-Belief, Transparency, Values
Oct-2018 Hire Like a Champion Culture, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Millennials
Nov-2018 Fred Talk: I am Enough Self-Belief, Self-Awareness, Authenticity, Trust, Emotional Intelligence
Dec-2018 Leadership Police Accountability, Communication, Culture, Leading Change
Jan-2019 Destination Workplace Culture Shaping, High Performance Teams, Millennials, Organizational Health
Feb-2019 Millennials Leading Boomers Emerging Leaders, Emotional Intelligence, Generational Differences, Purpose
Mar-2019 Leading with Grace in an Age of Incivility Authenticity, Challenges, Influence, Integrity
Apr-2019 It's Not About Your Mama Accountability, Communication, Leadership, Self-Awareness
May-2019 Neutralizing Naysayers Accountability, Change, Culture
Jun-2019 The Thoughtful Leader Culture, Emerging Leaders 
Aug-2019 Leading Through the Funk Challenges, Emotional Intelligence, Failure
Sept-2019 Leading Excellence Not Perfection Self-Belief, Transparency, Leadership