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In a world that no longer views position or sheer competence as the foundation for effective leadership, we equip corporate leaders to lead through trust, respectful relationships, authentic behavior and pro-active thinking. Leadership Transformation is for Corporate Leaders who embrace the journey necessary to excel, innovate and change to achieve greater results for themselves and inspire those around them. Our processes help leaders to rise above the noise, to lead by principle instead of the path of least resistance, to gain mastery in decision-making and problem solving, and to leverage the powerful resources of others for increased results.

Case Study: Building Leadership | DEpth - And Market Value

A private insurer’s growth was pushing them beyond the management team’s capabilities. The company’s CEO knew that developing significant leadership bench strength would be the highest priority for the organization’s long-term success.

InitiativeOne exposed more than 100 leaders to an intensive leadership enhancement process. All leaders also participated in developing an in-depth, focused strategic plan to drive profitable growth.

The company’s market valuation improved by $825,000,000 in three years, and it was purchased by a competitor for $1.1 billion. Public communications noted that the purchaser was willing to pay a premium to acquire the company, due to the “depth of its leadership talent” throughout the organization.

Corporate & Organization CLient List

Festival Foods
Brennengen Auto
Dino Stop
REDI Transports
City of Green Bay
Exit Planning Institute
PCM Credit Union
Service Motor Company
Rawhide Youth Services

Realty Executives of:
New England
Palm Coast
Kids at Hope
Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce
Virginia Piper Trust
Dan Schwartz Realty
International Mortgage Company 
Land America
Lawyers Title
Stewart Title
Transamerica Title
John Greene Realtors

Association of Realtors:
Northwest Chicago
Southwest Chicago
Put yourself and your organization in the best position for success. We offer opportunities for you to enroll as an individual leader for One-on-One Executive Coaching, join a Leadership Transformation Mixed Group Process, or engage your executive leadership team to raise the level of leadership throughout your entire organization with our Leadership Transformation.

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