Leadership Transformation for Education


Education shapes our future.
but who shapes its leaders?

Education is tough. It’s always changing. Growing. Facing new challenges. But through it all, one thing stays the same. We teach because it’s a sacred duty to help create a better future for the generations to come.

That takes strong leadership. But not the strong leadership of the past, fueled by position and power. It takes the kind of leadership that you’ll recognize by its authenticity. Its level of honesty. The kind you’ll know by the leader’s ability to be vulnerable, to have the tough conversations others sweep under the rug. Because that’s how leaders in education create an environment of trust, effective decision-making and shared purpose.

“Leaders learn to be real with one another — to have the difficult conversations we often prefer to avoid, especially in times of conflict. Initiativeone equips us with tools we can use immediately to deal with conflicts honestly and constructively.” 

—Phil Ertl Superintendent, Wauwatosa School District


THe Results Of Leadership Transformation in Education.

In education, the higher-performing the educators, the better the student performance. InitiativeOne’s process helps leaders in education eliminate the barriers, hidden agendas and below-the-surface drama that holds teams back. And it improves emotional intelligence, collaboration, and the healthy communication that allows educators to advance student learning.

Improved Perspective & Decision Making

Eliminate Drama Through Accountability to Self and Others

Higher Levels of Confidence & Performance

Increased Capacity to Relate & Communicate

Heightened Creativity & Innovation

Reduced Anxiety & Stress


Education Client List

Howard Suamico School District
Luxemburg-Casco School District
University of Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
Wauwatosa School District
Henry County Public Schools

Wisconsin Association of School Boards - 2016 WASB Business Honor Roll

 Wisconsin Association of School Administrators
Greater Nebraska Superintendents
Bristol School District
Chesapeake Public Schools
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