What is the path forward?

In the world of Faith-Based Leadership, messages about the need for deep change are everywhere, but execution proves to be very challenging. Surface adjustments provide diminishing returns and resistance is spiritually and emotionally draining. InitiativeOne will help you create a culture of positive accountability and energize your team toward missional focus. This Leadership Transformation Process is for Faith-Based Leaders who embrace the journey necessary to excel, innovate and master the ability to lead change. It’s easy to feel like you are working harder and achieving less. This process will increase your capacity to achieve greater results and inspire the leaders around you.

"We are really beginning to enjoy staff meetings!"

- Jonathan, Faith-based Leadership Transformation Participant

Faith-Based Leaders

  • Invest an extraordinary amount of time and energy in their work.
  • Feel spiritual emotions around their work.
  • Experience any perceived failures as devastating

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