Leadership Transformation For Professional & Collegiate Sports

Leading On and Off the Field

InitiativeOne has extensive leadership development experience with active players, coaches and administration. InitiativeOne Transformation for Sports Leadership helps provide a clear path toward a life of meaning and purpose that is larger than the game. This process is designed for active and former collegiate and professional athletes, administrators and coaches who embrace the journey necessary to excel, innovate and change to achieve greater results for themselves and inspire those around them. While engaging in a powerful group process led by a highly skilled facilitator, sports leaders learn how to seize opportunities to maximize impact.  

Challenges in Collegiate & Professional SPorts:

CHALLENGE: Athletes who play a team sport have a strong connection to a team. The team is together: in the locker room; practice field; weight room; games. Transition can bring isolation and a lack of belonging.
CHALLENGE: The life of professional and collegiate athletes is highly structured. Camps, practice and the games are scheduled. Transition brings a sudden end to structure and schedules.
CHALLENGE: Athletes are accustomed to clear performance measures and feedback. Transition brings an abrupt end to clear measures of success and a corresponding loss of celebration and fulfillment.
CHALLENGE: Professional and collegiate athletes have a clear sense of purpose attached to performance on the field. Transition signals the need to establish identity and a personal and professional vision beyond sports.

Professional & Collegiate Sports Client List

Green Bay Packers Coaches
Jacksonville Jaguars
Seattle Seahawks
UNC - Football Team
UW - Athletic Administration Team
Chicago Bears
Pittsburgh Pirates

Our vision to facilitate positive change and lifelong learning has enabled us to engage other powerful leadership influencers in Sports Leadership such as collegiate and professional athletes, coaches, professional management, administration and retired athletes.
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