10 Ways to Gain Trust

10 Ways to Gain Trust

Brandon Buck | 4/10/2017 1:40:33 PM
In an ever changing, connected and competitive world we seek trust more than ever. We want to trust our politicians, our boss, our spouse, and our kids; we want people to trust us. Now, to obtain trust or to be trustworthy, we, as leaders, have to take responsibility and make sure we are walking the talk!
In order, for us to gain trust, we must make sure we are practicing and or having the following:
Character: Are you a person of sound moral and ethical character? How many businesses, families and friendships are ruined daily, because someone acted on poor moral judgment?

Competence: Do you know what you’re talking about? Do you have something valuable to bring to the table or are you simply speaking to speak?

Commitment: Do you do what you say you’re going to do? No longer can we have the best of intentions, we must commit and get into action.

Being Transparent or Vulnerable: When you are wrong, do you admit it, or do you give an excuse? So many leaders today lose a valuable opportunity to elevate their leadership by never admitting when he/she are wrong.

Keeping Confidentiality: We don’t want to be that person in the office that everyone knows is the gossip guru. We want to be the person that people can lean on and be himself or herself without fear of repercussion or judgment.

Empathy: We want to be able to empathize with our friends, colleagues, family, etc. This illustrates a humanness and caring personality.

Humility: As leaders, we never fully arrive and never have all the answers. Leadership is an ongoing process and one that will never end. “Once we are ripe, we begin to rot.”

Commit Time: Wherever we commit time, we show value and worth. Regardless of if this is with our family, friends, or colleagues, if we want these people to trust us, we must devote time to them!

Listen: By listening to people, we illustrate their value and that they are being heard. Whether you take their advice or not, create a consensus environment where people are heard.

Having Integrity: It is easy to be happy and easy going when things are going great, but how do you behave when the heat is on and tensions are high? If you are the same calm and in control leader, people will feel safe, trust you and problems will be solved.

In a day and age when people are seeking trust and needing leaders, let us be that reliable person of strength.
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