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What's in Your Head: You're a Product of Your Self-Talk | iOne Think Tank

Dr. Fred Johnson | 4/20/2022
During our April Think Tank, Dr. Fred addressed the importance of focusing on your inner narrative when leading and how this relates to maximizing your impact.

We all deal with the inner critic in our heads. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole each passing day. Our thoughts hold significant power over our lives, but change is possible! When you change your thoughts, you change your behavior!
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How to Create a Safe Open Door Policy

Regina Woods | 4/15/2022

What does it really mean to have an open door policy? 

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3 Ways Healthy Cultures Create Competitive Advantage | EPI Blog Series

Nick Metler | 4/13/2022

Creating A Competitive Advantage Culture

Competitive advantage is the holy grail of business. Finding ways to differentiate, lower costs, and elevate performance above the competition creates a level of effectiveness and efficiency that all firms strive toward in their operations. Ultimately, the broad goal of every company at the highest level, far above the vision or mission, is to choose a path that creates a competitive advantage. We all know this, but it's easier said than done.

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How to Empower Your Self-Talk & Overcome Your Inner Critic

Dr. Fred Johnson and Nick Metler | 4/12/2022
We all battle the inner critic that lives in our heads. Negative self-talk sabotages our effectiveness and, in return, our ability to serve, impact, and lead those around us. In short, we get in our own way. However, ‚Äčthere's hope. If you want to change your behavior, you must begin by changing the way you think. And that change is possible.
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3 Ways to Provide Difficult Feedback

Dr. Phil Ertl | 4/7/2022
Have you ever had to give difficult feedback? Dr. Phil Ertl explains 3 ways to have the necessary, challenging conversations to lead people toward their best selves.
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EPI Blog Series: Why Toxic Cultures Are More Costly Than You Think

Nick Metler | 4/5/2022
As employees and employers alike look to creative solutions to plug holes left in the wake of the Great Resignation, we continue to find the importance of organizational health rising to the top of the list. But why are so many employees leaving at such rapid rates? Are there steps employers can take to become more attractive to job seekers?
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3 Strategies for Building Resiliency

Tracy Johnson | 4/5/2022
How do you get out of the pit of burnout? Tracy Johnson, InitiativeOne's COO, provides helpful strategies for strengthening resiliency each day.
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EPI Blog Series: Why Activating Your Purpose Strengthens Social Capital

Dr. Paul Metler and Nick Metler | 3/29/2022
Purpose humanizes leadership by connecting actions and decisions with powerful aspects of core identity. Purpose is more than a goal or a plan, it illuminates your best leadership.
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The Importance of Checking In With Your Team

Stephanie Schultz | 3/24/2022
Stephanie Schultz explains the value of regularly checking in with your team. When you're beginning to feel stressed or burnt out, your team likely has similar feelings.

‚ÄčThese are signs to act, check-in, and grow together as a team. How do you connect with your people?
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A Key Leadership Strategy for Today's Economy

Dr. Fred Johnson | 3/22/2022

There have been significant shifts occurring in every business sector throughout the last two years of the pandemic. Labor shortages resulting from The Great Resignation have drastically changed the workplace. 

Dr. Fred explains the key strategy changes that leaders need to consider to grow in today's economy. 

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