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Reflecting on Taking 100% Responsibility

Stephanie Schultz | 6/23/2022
Rather than blaming circumstances, how can you take the next step toward solutions? If you’re serious about your leadership, you cannot ignore the importance of taking 100% responsibility.
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Stuck in the Status Quo? Create Positive Change to Reach Your Potential | iOne Think Tank

Dr. Fred Johnson | 6/22/2022
Do you feel like you’re still stuck in the same place? Fear lurks beneath the surface of a choice to live in the status quo despite compelling reasons for change. Fear has many sources:
• A fear of discomfort
• A fear of failure
• A fear of disappointment
• A fear of the unknown
• A fear that you are not enough
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3 Powerful Ways to Create Positive Change & Reach Your Potential

Dr. Fred Johnson and Nick Metler | 6/21/2022

Accelerating change means accepting a new reality for living each day. If you want to get out of the status quo, you must be willing to change your thinking. Making a real commitment to change over the long haul can feel daunting. It’s helpful to learn a few pivots that have the power to transform your life.  

So, what do you need to tell yourself to get away from playing it safe? 

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How to Watch Your Stress & Liberate Excitement in Work Environments

Dr. Paul Metler and Nick Metler | 6/14/2022

Have you ever been stressed out by work? Surely not! I can't think of why working with others in high-intensity environments would be stressful for anyone. In reality, it's pretty easy to feel frustrated or overwhelmed throughout the work week. Projects pop up. Attention gets pulled away. Control feels lost.

Transforming these stress-filled experiences can be daunting, but change is possible, and it begins with self-awareness.

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Why Old School Leadership Doesn't Work

Dr. Fred Johnson | 6/8/2022
The key pillars of leadership are shifting away from position and authority toward authenticity and transparency. Perfect leaders do not exist, and it's essential to recognize that reality. The mark of an excellent leader is their ability to build a team that leverages the strengths of one another. 
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3 Ways to Seize Your Potential With Better Decision Making

Nick Metler | 6/7/2022

Decision-making is foundational in creating a sustainable competitive advantage. The key distinguishing factor between world-class leaders and all the rest is their ability to make better decisions and solve more problems than their competition. Leaders bring different styles, skill sets, and information to the table when seeking to make a decision. So how can you cut through the noise and unleash your potential for healthy, effective, and efficient decision-making?

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Energize Change Now! Want Out of the Status Quo?

Nick Metler | 5/25/2022
As we talk with leaders across the country about the leadership challenges in the world of work, I think work projects and teams are beginning to look similar to the group projects I had in college. Everyone is tired, though for much less fun reasons than college, and stuck with the group of people around them. Though the Great Resignation took most organizations by storm, many are still grappling with the consequences, unable to fill needed positions and holding on to employees that intensify problems to keep the doors open.
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3 Unique Ways Conflict Management Will Make You Ineffective

Dr. Fred Johnson and Nick Metler | 5/17/2022
One of the most common misunderstandings of corporate culture comes from equating management and leadership as the same. These are not interchangeable, and when treating them as such, leaders will create a lot of dysfunction. Thus conflict management falls short of conflict leadership. Conflict management creates a culture that constantly runs from one fire to the next, dances on eggshells, and tries to appease people before new situations arise. Don't settle for conflict management; learn to lead conflict. First, you will need to let go of the following myths.
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Leadership Challenges: How to Make Conflict Useful at Work

Nick Metler | 5/3/2022
Conflict becomes a bit of a catchall for various leadership challenges. Leaders often move to describe situations characterized by conflict to mean anything that pushes them out of their comfort zone and into discomfort. The reality is that the little feeling you get in the pit of your stomach during those uncomfortable situations isn't always a sign of the pain to come. 
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