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21 Leadership Challenges & How to Overcome Them

InitiativeOne | 6/3/2020
Leadership challenges are going to find you, guaranteed. What are some of the most common leadership challenges, and how do you deal with them? We’ll tell you.
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iOne Think Tank: Excelling Through the Grind

InitiativeOne | 5/1/2020
Dr. Fred Johnson and Dr. Kris Eiring (Psychologist,  PhD, CMPC) lead the group through a powerful discussion surrounding our mental health and wellness and how we can excel during this "grind phase" of the pandemic. They'll dive in to the mindsets we operate in every day - we can't focus on EVERYTHING, how do we cope? Flee, Fight, or Freeze?  Dr. Kris spoke to her experience counseling high performing athletes and how this can apply to business.  We're all in the same storm, but we may be equipped with different boats and different currents. How can keep moving our boat forward while helping other boats as well? 
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Is the Pandemic Changing Your Culture?

Dr. Dev Butler | 4/6/2020
Spoiler Alrt: The current pandemic WILL change your organization’s culture.   It may be better; it may be worse. It is guaranteed to be DIFFERENT.
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iOne Think Tank: Leading from Home

Dr. Fred Johnson | 4/3/2020
Many of us are now working from home - our professional and personal "teams" are intersecting in one place, in real time, the lines are blurred. These teams need us more than ever. How do you lead from home through these uncharted challenges?
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iOne Pop-Up Think Tank: Leading When the Chips are Down

Dr. Fred Johnson | 3/20/2020
Dr. Fred has lead InitiativeOne and countless other organizations through times of crisis. Today we tuned in to support one another while he shared his insights on crisis leadership. This is a time to stabilize, identify fact vs. fear, and make decisions from strength, purpose and values
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Ten Essentials For Leading Well in Tough Moments

Dr. Fred Johnson | 3/17/2020
During the Great Recession, many companies sought my advice for proceeding through uncertainty which had rattled their employees, thus accelerating fear-based environments. I found myself returning to the same guidance this week in my conversations with corporate leaders.
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iOne Think Tank: Breakthrough Change with EQ

Dr. Fred Johnson | 3/6/2020

EQ & Innovation are Inseparable

  • Self-Awareness and self-acceptance are the key drivers in your ability (and your team’s ability) to create an environment of innovation!
  • Where you are most resistant to change may be the greatest opportunity for powerful innovation.
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iOne Think Tank: Living Room Leadership

Dr. Fred Johnson | 2/7/2020
Living Room Leadership
Can your team relate to each other? Do they care about each other? Dr. Fred shares the stories and research that undeniably establishes the need for high trust and high caring teams in today's workplace. He shared the 4 Dimensions of Trust and the group leaned in for a powerful discussion. 
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iOne Think Tank: Purpose Driven Goals

Dr. Fred Johnson | 1/10/2020
Purpose Driven Goal seekers are fueled from within and are guided by values that help them win!
It's not a resolution - it's a critical goal aligned to a leader's core purpose and definitely not something to be tossed aside by January 31. Purpose Driven Goals are achieved, reimagined, reset, and the cycle of growth and impact continues!
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iOne Think Tank: Emotional Intelligence Part 2

Dr. Fred Johnson | 12/13/2019
What is the ROI on EQ and how to you improve your own EQ?
Emotional Intelligence begins with self-awareness. Leaders who are under control with their emotions, actions, relationships, and problem solving remain in control within their teams, families, and organizations.

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