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You Are Enough: How To Actually Inspire Workplace Compassion

Nick Metler | 3/14/2022
Compassion is an exciting term in our modern leadership context. It seems too touchy-feely for the old school of thought, but these times call for radical movements toward people-centered leadership. And while competence is a worthy prerequisite for effective leadership, it shouldn't be the only one. Knowledge isn't quite as necessary as it once was. I'd argue that we've always relied on it a little bit too much.
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How Fear Impacts Leadership

Regina Woods | 3/10/2022
Regina Woods discusses fear's impact on leadership and how great leaders raise their emotional intelligence to improve organizational health.
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Refill Your Well: Finding Rest In Chaos | iOne Think Tank

Romeo Marquez Jr | 3/9/2022
Making time to recharge, rest, and refill your well is incredibly difficult. The treadmill of life feels like it will never end, let alone slow down. If anything, it feels like it’s speeding up.

Finding a holistic work-life balance feels next to impossible. But what if you can find rest that brings energy? What if burnout is actually avoidable?
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Multiple Streams of Joy: How to Rest & Recharge in Times of Chaos

Romeo Marquez Jr and Nick Metler | 3/9/2022

We've recast dysfunction as heroic sacrifice. We've collectively created a narrative around the nature of work that not only justifies such dysfunctional practices, but also regards those who engage in them as selfless heroes, sacrificing sleep, relationships, and even their health in order to help the organization achieve its goals. We brag about how little sleep we're getting, how busy and over-scheduled we are, how poorly we take care of ourselves--all of which plays into and reinforces this narrative of heroic sacrifice.

So what can we do about it?

(Ed BatistaDysfunction Isn't Heroism)

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How to Keep the Trust Accelerators Alive in Your Organization

Dr. Phil Ertl | 3/3/2022
Team success centers around trust and positive accountability. Dr. Phil Ertl offers his expertise in creating high trust teams that lead from a shared sense of purpose.
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3 Simple Ways to Actually Overcome the Weight of Post-Pandemic Anxiety

Nick Metler | 3/2/2022
Sometimes it feels like everyone I know is hitting a wall simultaneously. I am beginning to think we're all hitting walls, trying to burst through them over and over again. Burnout feels insurmountable at times, but simple pivots will radically change your perspective over time. Let's dive into some practical ways to shift our perspective and implement healthy self-care tactics for a better future. 
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Found A Work Life Balance? Focus On Your Latest Warning Signs.

Tracy Johnson | 2/24/2022
Leaders may reach a point where rest and self-care need to take precedent in their lives. It's time to take note of what's going on in your life mentally and physically! Tracy Johnson dives into some warning signs that you can recognize in yourself and your teammates to maximize your leadership! What are your burnout warning signs?
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Curiosity Killed The Cat: It Might Actually Save Your Toxic Workplace

Dr. Paul Metler | 2/21/2022
A few years ago, I wrote down some thoughts about curiosity. I felt it was an excellent time to revisit what I was thinking then and re-evaluate the importance of curiosity because curiosity will play a critical role as we move forward. Now is the time to reset healthy self-confidence after negotiating unprecedented levels of uncertainty. Now is not the time to dampen down our curiosity.
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The Reality of Change in the Workplace

Stephanie Schultz | 2/18/2022
Are you struggling with burnout? Overworked employees? Understaffed organizations? Understanding change in the workplace involves curiosity around your expectations and your reality.

Your first step toward the culture you want to create involves having difficult conversations that create momentum around an ideal work-life balance and organizational flourishing.
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The Great Resignation: Resting Your Mind and Avoiding Toxic Cultures?

Dr. Paul Metler | 2/15/2022

Understanding The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation can be challenging to understand. Questions abound. Who is leaving? Why are employees leaving their jobs? Where are they going? What can leaders learn from this unprecedented time of transition? These are good questions, and the quest to understand has spurred articles, conversations, and a great deal of research. While reading through some research on The Great Resignation, one statement caught my attention well before I began to dig into the data. Most people were thinking about leaving their jobs before they left.

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