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iOne Think Tank: Leading Excellence Not Perfection

Dr. Fred Johnson | 9/6/2019
Learn how to recognize the pull to excellence and not the push of perfectionism. Check out the recording of our most recent Think Tank!
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iOne Think Tank: The Thoughtful Leader

Dr. Fred Johnson & Tracy Johnson | 6/7/2019
We've discussed Naysayers and how they can negatively impact an organization. This month we looked at the flipside of a naysayer and introduced the Thoughtful Leader.
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iOne Leadership Series Video Blog - Advice for New Leaders

InitiativeOne | 5/30/2019
Members of the InitiativeOne Advisory Board share their advice for new leaders.
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iOne Think Tank: Neutralizing Naysayers

Dr. Fred Johnson | 5/3/2019
How can you impactfully lead change in an organization? Understanding who's rowing with you and who's rowing against you is a good place to start. Identifying naysayers and neutralizing their behaviors will help transform your ability to lead change.
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iOne Think Tank: It's Not About Your Mama

Dr. Fred Johnson | 4/5/2019

Do you receive feedback well? Think deep down - how do you react when you are given direction, constructive criticism, or accountability checks? It's just information... it's not about our mama!

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iOne Think Tank: Leading with Grace in an Age of Incivility

Dr. Fred Johnson | 3/1/2019
Have you heard of the butterfly effect? To briefly summarize - It states that even the smallest flutter of a butterfly's wing in Brazil may in some way be connected to a global event like a hurricane. Check out the latest Think Tank where Dr. Fred takes this principal and applies it to how we lead and how we live. We all have a story - what small actions can you take today to impact your world?
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iOne Think Tank: Millennials Leading Boomers

Dr. Fred Johnson | 2/1/2019
The Flipside of Generational Differences: We've discussed leading millennials but it's time to flip the conversation. Millennials are in leadership positions with team members that may be generations older! Here we dive in and discuss how to strengthen a team and embrace the gifts of every generation.
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iOne Think Tank: Fred Talk - Destination Workplace

Dr. Fred Johnson | 1/11/2019
How do you become an organization that attracts and retains top tier talent? Dr. Fred dscribes 3 steps you can take to improve your leadership and create a healthier environment for a team and organization to thrive.
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Self-Leadership, Self-Belief & Imposter Syndrome: Are You Enough?

InitiativeOne | 1/11/2019
Do you wrestle with nagging thoughts whispering that you are not enough? What is self-leadership and self-belief, and how do we overcome imposter syndrome?
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