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Why are authentic shared experiences important for a meaningful life?

Nick Metler | 12/16/2021

Let's Go To The Movies!

I love going to the movies. There is almost nothing I love more in this world. I think the introvert in me enjoys closing off the world around me and being attentive to one solitary experience for a finite piece of time. There are not many experiences like that where we can shut off the world around us for a moment. However, the other facet of this experience is critical as well. Experiencing film alone is one thing; there is something precious about being the only person in a dark theater lit only by the widescreen. The real magic comes when the electricity of a crowd takes over when a moment captivates the audience bringing them joyous approval, tearful emotion, or absolute disgust from a place of righteous indignation.

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What is true work-life balance? It's probably different than you would think!

Dr. Fred Johnson | 12/13/2021

Work & Play

People frequently ask me to define life balance and a healthy relationship between work and home! Many individuals view life balance sort of like a teeter-totter! While one side is active, the other side is inactive! In this view, the goal is to balance the two, so equal time is given to both sides over time! Instead, I maintain a different understanding of life balance! 

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The 8 Characteristics of Toxic Behavior

Nick Metler | 12/6/2021

The Cost of Drama & Toxicity

We've all dealt with toxic behaviors. Drama seeps into our everyday spaces, whether at work, home, or anywhere else in the community. However, rarely do we have time to calculate the cost of drama and toxic behaviors when all we do is put out the fires left in its wake. With limited time to handle problems effectively, it's crucial to root toxic behaviors out at the beginning, practice positive accountability, and reward impactful attitudes in your organizations.

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InitiativeOne Think Tank: Keep the Toxic OUT: The Safety Net of Healthy Culture

InitiativeOne | 12/3/2021
If you’ve been tuning in to our Think Tanks this quarter, you are likely attempting to chip away at the deep work required to reduce turnover and identify toxic “leaders” in your organization.
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Toxic Leaders: 3 Reasons To Hold Them Accountable at Work

Nick Metler | 11/29/2021

Is Accountability Actually Important?

Yes! Accountability is the foundation of every high-functioning team and healthy culture. The main distinguishing factor between good teams and great teams is how they make decisions and solve problems. The best way to improve these two critical factors to team success is to increase team trust. Trust is only built when team members feel safe enough to hold one another accountable. 

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iOne Think Tank: The Impact of Toxic Teammates-Understanding Turnover

InitiativeOne | 11/18/2021
Toxic "leaders" and "teammates" (we're using quotes here because their behaviors really aren't true of leaders OR teammates) come in all shapes and sizes - so how do you identify them?
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iOne Think Tank: Building Healthy Culture-Be Careful What You Wish For

InitiativeOne | 10/8/2021
Accountability, Transparency, Collaboration - sounds great! But guess what we're finding... not everyone is ready for it. *Gulp*
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iOne Think Tank: Rehumanize Leadership

Dr. Fred Johnson | 9/3/2021
How do you double down on leading PEOPLE while growing and scaling? How do you elevate them and bring them along with you? 
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iOne Education Think Tank: Back to School

InitiativeOne | 8/13/2021
The three most common themes in our Educational Leadership Survey were communication, accountability, and trust building… all three can be elevated by following the 5 C’s of Healthy Leadership.
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iOne Think Tank: Level Up Leadership

Dr. Fred Johnson | 8/6/2021
How do leaders deliver on the strong need to LEVEL UP in times of change and uncertainty.
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