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Uncover 31 Mighty Leadership Questions for Employees & Employers

Miles Anthony Smith | 1/15/2018
Leadership Questions Got You Stumped? You Too Can Ask More Effective Ones!
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iOne Think Tank: Three Essential Conversations for Conflict and Accountability

Dr. Fred Johnson | 1/12/2018
Great teams put issues on the table. 
Great teams only have one meeting (no meetings after the meetings).
Great companies are robust problem solvers and find solutions faster than other organizations.

Check out today's iOne Think Tank where we discuss conflict and accountability.
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iOne Leadership Series Video Blog - Accountability

Dr. Fred Johnson | 1/10/2018
There is no such thing as a powerful team that doesn't have a culture of accountability in how they deal with each other. Dr. Fred shares that accountability is helping others win by honoring the commitments they've made to themselves and others. Watch the video blog for examples of how accoutnability fails and what needs to happen so accountability can be effective and impactful!  
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The Power of the Present

Nick Metler | 1/2/2018
Think back to the last time that you were in a waiting room. Everyone is sitting a few seats apart from each other. It is awkward. No one speaks until the person behind the desk calls out to break the silence that it is your turn.

What was your response to this uncomfortable setting?
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iOne Leadership Series Video Blog - Finding Your Purpose

Dr. Fred Johnson | 12/18/2017
What rings the joy bell of your heart? Dr. Fred talks through a great exercise you can do to begin to identify your purpose.
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iOne Think Tank: Thank You

Dr. Fred Johnson | 12/8/2017
We'd like to take this final iOne Think Tank of 2017 to say THANK YOU and encourage you to say THANK YOU or recognize members of your own team or family. What does that look like and how can you R.A.M.P. it up in your own way to positively impact others?
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The Ultimate Problem-Solving Process Guide: 31 Steps and Resources

Miles Anthony Smith | 12/6/2017
We’ve all been there, haven’t we? A problem arises, and we’ve got to help the team solve it. Discover problem-solving processes you’ve never uncovered before.
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iOne Leadership Series Video Blog - Comfortable with Conflict

John Schneider | 11/28/2017
Our friend and Advisory Board member, John Schneider, shares a quick talk about being comfortable with conflict... "It's good!"
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iOne Leadership Series Video Blog - Dangers of Insecurity

Dr. Fred Johnson | 11/15/2017
Dr. Fred has great advice for how to lead through insecurities. If you have something to bring to the table you don't need to worry about competing with other people.
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Trust the Process

Dr. Michael Doan | 11/14/2017
“You are the problem,” he stated simply to our cohort of future care providers.

Wait a minute - Did I hear him right? We’re all here to learn about helping others with their problems – people in hospitals, prisons, hospice programs… They’ll talk about their problems, we’ll actively listen, we’ll apply some genuine care along with a few of the techniques to be gained here in this class, and ‘Wa-La!’ – they’ll be well on the way to recovery. So what is he talking about?
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