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Is Your Team Misbehaving?

Dr. Paul Metler | 5/24/2017
Agreement. It’s a popular word when it comes to teamwork.
It’s not automatic.
Are we pulling in the same direction?
Do we collaborate, build consensus?
Do we trust each other?
Are our relationships healthy?
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Nick Metler | 5/17/2017
It is what gives us the strength to step over the ledge, to take a leap into the unknown despite the possibility that we may fall flat on our faces. Thomas Foster writes about our battle with this saying, “As thrilled as we are by the prospect of flying, we are also frightened at the prospect of falling.” Does our fear of falling outweigh our yearning to be able to spread our wings and fly?
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Leaders are Faith Builders

Dr. Paul Metler | 5/3/2017
Faith is a core tenet of leadership.
Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.
If I expect you to follow me, then I am asking you to have faith that I will lead you to a place that is safe, that is good, perhaps even much better than where you are. I’m asking for faith in what is not yet seen. I’m expecting you to take a risk.
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Stewards of our Children's Souls

Brandon Buck | 5/1/2017
As parents, people, leaders, etc. we are constantly striving to live a purposeful life. We aim to have a vision, create a plan and then get into action; however, how many of us have a vision and a plan for our daily interactions with our children? As parents, we are given the greatest gift that anyone can receive and with that, we have been entrusted with the greatest responsibility of shaping their souls. For many of us, we recognize this responsibility but are so busy with our own daily grind that we simply wing it. We go through each day without an end in mind, no plan with which to make decisions or a productive way to build our children’s character. Instead, we run ourselves ragged and parenting ends up becoming a nuisance instead of a great adventure.
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Trust and the Draft: Player & Agent Insight

Abbey Strachota | 4/27/2017
The NFL Draft is an exciting time of year for everyone. Fans are following the draft to see who’s coming in to “their team”, or what kind of tricks does their secretive GM have up his sleeve this year? There are others scouting for their fantasy football roster. Schools and communities also rally around local players who are hoping to get a call. It’s a great week for sports.
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10 Ways to Gain Trust

Brandon Buck | 4/10/2017
In an ever changing, connected and competitive world we seek trust more than ever. We want to trust our politicians, our boss, our spouse, and our kids; we want people to trust us. Now, to obtain trust or to be trustworthy, we, as leaders, have to take responsibility and make sure we are walking the talk!
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Trust Me. I'm a Leader

Dr. Paul Metler | 4/6/2017
People watch what you do. They watch with the sound off.
Seth Godin

How do you describe leadership? What are the first words that come to mind?
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Hire Trust Builders

Dr. Paul Metler | 4/6/2017
Would you intentionally hire a new employee that is not trustworthy?
Of course not. That’s an easy question to answer.
Here’s a better question.
When you hire a new employee, do you have a straightforward conversation about the behaviors that create healthy trust? If not, why not?
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Championship Game Plan

Dr. Tim Brown | 4/3/2017
Recently, I was able to check off another item on my bucket list. My wonderful wife, Jen, purchased a ticket for me to attend an NCAA Men’s Basketball Sweet 16 game to watch my beloved West Virginia Mountaineers. Although the outcome was not what I had hoped for, I had an incredible experience. As I watched, I was reminded of the importance of a game plan.
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Leading from the Bench

Abbey Strachota | 3/28/2017
Most of us will never know what it feels like to win a national championship or a Super Bowl, however – we’ve all been on a team either athletically, professionally, or simply within our family. Our Final Four may have been running a half marathon, giving a big presentation, landing a huge client (and then delivering on that huge client!), starting a family – the list goes on and on.
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