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iOne Think Tank: Millennials Leading Boomers

Dr. Fred Johnson | 2/1/2019 4:06:41 PM
The Flipside of Generational Differences: Millennials Leading Boomers
We've discussed leading millennials but it's time to flip the conversation. Millennials are in leadership positions with team members that may be generations older! Here we dive in and discuss how to strengthen a team and embrace the gifts of every generation.


How Not to Screw Up as a Millennial Manager*
  • Invest in Coaching
  • Master the one-on-one with your direct reaports
  • Don't avoid conflict or hide behind technology.
  • Understand the relationship has changed - Learn how to lead change.
  • Don't try too hard to gain respect - learn to build healthy trust.
* Takeaways from article by Eric Goldschein

Millennials Leading Boomers

Millennials Leading Boomers

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