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iOne Think Tank: Fred Talk - Leadership Police

Dr. Fred Johnson | 12/7/2018 5:45:54 PM
Sometimes your day may look like a constant obstacle course of firefighting issues and policing others. How do you find the balance of accomplishing goals, leading well, and dealing with challenges? Dr. Fred Johnson discusses accountability and how it can raise the level of heightened problem solving and impactful decision making.


10 Truths of Accountability

  1. THREAT to most people.

  2. Done Well, is a Trust Accelerator

  3. Requires Impeccable Communication

  4. Helping another to WIN, Not about making another feel Small or me feeling Tall

  5. Doesn’t Root in Top-Down Environments

  6. Coaching UP not Shaming DOWN

  7. A PARTNER conversation not a POWER conversation.

  8. Starts with pointing the Finger in the right direction

  9. Starts with the BACK of the BOOK at the FRONT of the CONVERSATION

  10. Accountability and Sacred Cows don’t mix


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