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Brandon Williams to Join InitiativeOne


InitiativeOne is proud to welcome Brandon Williams to their sports leadership team. Brandon brings a wealth of knowledge from experiences as an NFL player, Entrepreneur, Author and Sports Commentator. He has learned how to succeed and thrive despite the interceptions that life often deals unexpectedly. His purpose in life is to share the principles that have helped him build a successful post-NFL career. He brings an inspiring perspective on leadership and life to the InitiativeOne team.


Brandon Williams earned a scholarship to the University of Wisconsin where he was a consistent star performer. He currently holds the Wisconsin record for most receptions in a career with 202. Brandon earned a communications degree and an entrepreneurship certificate from the University of Wisconsin. In the NFL, he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, and St. Louis Rams. Upon leaving the NFL in 2010 Brandon began a broadcasting career with the Big Ten Network and ESPN radio. Brandon has worked with and interviewed 100’s of Athletes and Entrepreneurs to find out what it takes to build transformational leadership qualities. His book, Millionaire Mindset – 7 Principles Athletes Need to Gain Financial Freedom, is enhanced with essential principles to give aspiring professional athletes, and current professional athletes, the tools to create a blueprint for financial freedom.


InitiativeOne has worked extensively with former athletes to help them transition from leadership on the field to leading and living a fulfilled life off of it. By helping athletes find their passions and goals for the future, InitiativeOne helps current and former coaches and athletes to live a life of positive change and lifelong learning.