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The Marketplace Is Speaking - InitiativeOne Delivers an Unmatched Service and Process



Typically, government entities are required to seek multiple bidders with requests for proposals (RFPs) when seeking outsourced services so that they can be assured of receiving the highest quality product for the most competitive price. The rationale behind an RFP is that multiple parties in the field essentially deliver comparable services with similar outcomes. InitiativeOne is very selective in our decision to respond to RFPs because our proprietary work, our unique research-based methodologies, and our proven measurable outcomes differentiate us from all others in our field. Hence it is like comparing apples and oranges!
A common first response from potential clients as they learn about our work is to assume we are just like other “programs” in the overcrowded leadership development space. They compare us to their own past experiences and assert, “You are just another training company!” “I have already participated in a similar program.” Yet, after experiencing our process, clients repeatedly tell us, “We have never experienced anything like this nor have we ever achieved these sustained outcomes.”

Sole Source

Recently, we received invitations from both a Virginia public school district and from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, to deliver our processes to their institutions in a “sole source” capacity. Sole Source procurement recognizes a single vendor is uniquely capable of supplying the commodity or service. This may occur when the goods or services are specialized or exceptional in character. Written justification must be provided.
Our clients acknowledged that InitiativeOne has a unique capacity to deliver Leadership and Organizational Transformation. They were so thoroughly convinced, based upon their own experiences with InitiativeOne, of the uniqueness of our work and outcomes, they insisted to their governance boards that we were worthy of the Sole Source designation. When it comes to our differentiators, please do not take our word for it. Ask our clients.
We are delivering an approach, results and superior value not experienced elsewhere in today’s market. We are grateful for our clients who are recognizing and insisting upon the distinctive value proposition offered by InitiativeOne.  We are confident that other organizations will discover the same.


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