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InitiativeOne Press Kit

Engage. Inspire. Challenge.

That’s what a great keynote speaker should do. It’s about great content, thought-provoking questions and valuable insights. Part teaching. Part engaging—and entertaining—storytelling. With a speaker from InitiativeOne, that’s what you’ll bring to your event. Our team of speakers combine story and strategy to reach deep into the hearts of your audience. Presentations are interactive and engaging, designed to inform, entertain and inspire your team or event attendees to make positive change in their leadership and lives.


Dr. Fred Johnson

Dr. Fred, founder and CEO of InitiativeOne, is a riveting and compelling speaker, capable of moving an audience to deep reflection and action long after an event has concluded. Over a long career, Fred has coached, challenged and inspired executives from Fortune 500 companies, NFL head coaches, and leaders across nearly every industry. Fred is passionate about equipping leaders to better understand themselves and their teams—and empowering them to be “on-purpose” leaders defined not by their position, but by their impact in the lives of others.

Examples of Dr. Fred Johnson Keynotes


Tracy Johnson

Tracy’s collaborative approach in working with leaders and leadership teams sets in motion the highest possible leadership environment. Tracy conveys complex principles to leaders in practical terms. As a result, leaders are able to implement ideas that effectively diminish drama and distraction and deliver increased results. Working with the InitiativeOne Proprietary Process for over 10 years, Tracy understands the leverage points that will push leaders beyond their comfort zone.

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Dr. Paul Metler

Dr. Paul Metler’s speaking is fueled by his passion for encouraging leaders to experience positive transformation. As Vice President of Content at InitiativeOne, Dr. Metler has joined with InitiativeOne Founder and CEO, Dr. Fred Johnson for more than two decades designing and delivering life-changing leadership content.

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Stephanie Shultz

We need some copy here, not as long as Fred's

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