Abbey Strachota

Abbey Strachota

Bachelor of Science
Director of Client Services

Abbey is passionate about client experience and building the InitiativeOne brand. She is also excited about growing as a leader and contributing to the growth and development of the InitiativeOne team and beyond! Abbey is an Appleton native and UW-Green Bay graduate. She lives in Appleton with her family and enjoys running, camping, and good coffee.

What is your educational background?

Bachelor of Science with a major in Human Development and minor in Women's Studies

What is your professional background?

Sports & Entertainment Event Management - Technology Sales & Marketing - Financial Services Marketing

What is your family information?

Married 10 years to Jeff, we have a 7 year old son named Sam, and 2 golden retrievers Brody & Banjo!

What is your favorite hobby?


Who is your favorite band?

Due to a once in a lifetime concert experience I still have to say Dave Matthews Band. A friend and I were sitting in our lawn seats at Alpine Valley and were approached by a member of the fan club with tickets to the front row. We thought certainly there was a catch - but there wasn't and we saw the concert front and center in a crowd of 30K people.

What is your favorite food?

Pizza - I would eat it 3 meals a day if it was good for you!

What song describes your life?

Our wedding song was The Golden State performed by Eddie Vedder - it's a love song with humor and sarcasm. It always makes me smile.

How do you spend your free time?

We love spending time outdoors - lots of camping and hiking. I inadvertantly gave my son a hashtag - #AdventureSam but it stuck and now we really try to expose him to as many adventures (big or small) as we can!