Jamie Maier

Jamie Maier

Director of Strategic Partnerships

What is your educational background?

UW Madison Grad

What is your professional background?

I have worked in Sales for the last 18 years, recently coming from IT Sales (5 years). Started out recruiting and ended up in Sales!

What is your greatest passion?

Being a mom

What are the best books that you have read?

The Midnight Library- all of our lives could be COMPLETELY different with a SPLIT decision.

What is your favorite quote?

Make failure your teacher not your undertaker-Zig Ziglar

Where do you like to travel?

Europe. Paris is my favorite. Can’t wait to get back!

What is your family information?

I am married (19 years in August). Have 3 boys, twins (13)-Aidan and Colin and Ryan (12). Our family pets- Simon a year old rescue cat and a cute Boston Terrier puppy named Oskar.

What is your favorite hobby?

Crossfit- every morning at 5am!

Who is your favorite band?

I have too many- love going to live concerts. Old Dominion puts on one of the best concerts.

If you could have dinner with anyone (past or present) who would it be?

Dinner with my father one last time.

What is your favorite food?

I am a foodie, I love good authentic Italian and Mexican food. A nice filet minion is my all time favorite.

What is one item on your bucket list?

Get to Spain.

How do you spend your free time?

Attending my kids sporting events- I love watching them. I am a hockey mom first- then wrestling, swimming, baseball, basketball and football.

What is your favorite movie?

The Goonies!