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Find Your Voice

So, a part of your day will be spent wading through content. How will you choose to split your time among the 150 million blogs on the Internet? By the way, thanks for reading this one. In the midst of sharing, linking, liking and writing it’s easy to get lost in all the content. As the torrent of information floods into your world, two messages have become critical.

First, the message directed to those who push content is “Find your voice!” On the marketing side, it’s sounds like just another slick mantra for grabbing attention. Stand out! Set yourself apart! But, the truth is, some messages deserve to be heard more than others. The real challenge is to give the requisite attention to getting the best messages out in the best way. The second message geared toward those who are on the receiving end of content, is “Find a filter!” So many messages, so little time. If you have ever attempted you use any kind of filter for Internet content, you know how quickly filters can become porous.

So what’s the answer? Is it possible to resist the overwhelming temptation to get lost in the noise? Actually, there is a common thread in the two messages. In a way, the two messages are the same. The content you deliver must make a difference. The content you receive must make a difference. In some ways, it sounds like a matter of time management. But, the implications for effective leadership are much deeper. Effective leaders measure by impact rather than volume. Think about it. Do you measure your hours or days in terms of impact?

In the context of leadership, impact relates directly to movement toward your personal and professional vision. Reflection is unavoidable. It functions as your leadership crucible. You will never grow beyond the key questions of life that relate to your vision and core values. In the answers to these questions, you will find your voice and your filter. As a result, you will gain greater depth and power in your leadership.

At InitiativeOne, we help you lead by impact rather than busyness. Visit us today at

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