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Executive Retreat

Executive RETREAT

InitiativeOne Executive Retreat offers a haven for leadership and strategic planning processes. The corporate retreat experience and goals can be customized for your organization with programs tailored to achieve the retreat objectives set forth by the organization.

An Executive Retreat is best delivered in an environment away from the stresses and pressures of office demands. Locations are limitless, however for those looking for a destination, InitiativeOne can provide our Retreat Center situated on Lake Michigan’s picturesque Washington Island. The lodge can accommodate overnight groups with up to sixteen participants.

Accessible by plane or ferry from Wisconsin’s famed Door County, the island spans approximately 22 square miles of unspoiled rural tranquility and offers a wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities, ranging from hiking and boating to fresh water salmon fishing. It is nationally known as the “Cape Cod” of the Midwest and is well known to many Chicago area “weekend warriors.”

Benefits & RESULTs

Trust Building

Laser Focus on Core Objectives

Intense Problem Solving

Refill Your Well as a Team

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