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Organizational Discovery


The Organizational Discovery process is not a “solution.” It is a customized organizational behavioral assessment. InitiativeOne will create a broader understanding of the "root causes" of patterns in thinking, attitudes, and behaviors that can hold a team back from performing at their highest level and accomplishing the strategic mission, goals, and objectives set forth by themselves and the organization.

The Scope of Work includes PDP ProScan assessment instruments, confidential interviews with key leaders and staff, and a verbal summary. The summary will identify critical issues and provide a recommended action plan for increased results.


  • PDP Proscan Assessments.
  • Confidential Interviews with leaders & staff.
  • Verbal summary identifying critical issues, root causes, and recommended course of action to remedy those issues.

Benefits & RESULTS

Identify Root Causes of Issues

Navigate Culture Complexities

Create a Safe Environment

Reccommended Course of Action

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