Leadership Services

Organizational Development


Leadership Transformation

Move beyond the below-the-surface drama to make better decisions and solve more problems as a team.


Keynote Speaking

Our leadership speakers combine story and strategy to touch hearts and deliver tangible results.

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Online Courses

Develop a culture of trust, transform your way of thinking, and empower your team to solve more problems.


Executive Retreat

Move away from the noise, stress, and pressure of the office. Refill your well as a team.

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Leadership Foundations

Move out of your comfort zone with transformational lessons crystalized from the frontlines.

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Strategic Planning

Identify organizational identity, purpose, values, critical goals, and create accountability to execute.

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Personality Assessment

Understand what makes your team tick and how to maximize the behaviors of one another.

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Organizational Discovery

Uncover the root issues that hold your team back from reaching the potential you want to reach.

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Internal Enterprise Training

Internal leaders receive materials and training to bring healthy cultures to the entire organization.


Room Rentals

Host your next business meeting, training, or retreat in InitiativeOne's beautiful office space.


Individual Development


Leadership Transformation

Renew your sense of purpose and refocus on the goals you dream of accomplishing.

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Personality Assessment

Explore your key behaviors and strengths with the PDP assessment and 30 minute consultation.

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Online Courses

Elevate your leadership online with courses that build trust and improve problem solving.


Executive Coaching

Confidential 1-on-1 sessions to provide the feedback and tools needed to reach your critical goals.