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PDP Assessment & Workshop

What makes you Tick?

The PDP ProScan® Survey is a highly accurate and reliable personal assessment that that analyzes self-perception, how you react to your environment, and predictable behaviors you may exhibit… basically what makes you tick!

The results of the assessment are then reviewed by an InitiativeOne certified facilitator and combined with a 30-minute consultation. This consultation will help you understand your strengths and how they materialize in communications, decision making, and conflict. In a team setting, the consultation time can be pooled and delivered in one session. The team consultation is a highly productive session that addresses the strengths of individuals, uncovers communication styles, and begins to draw awareness to how the group can work together in a lowered stress and higher energy environment.


  • PDP ProScan® Assessments
  • 30-Minute Consultation
  • Consultation time can be pooled for PDP TEAM WORKSHOP
  • Investment: $300 per person

You Will Uncover and Better Understand

reaction to environment
Reactions to Your Environment
predictable behaviors
Predictiable Behaviors

Team Awareness