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70% of traditional strategic planning fails.
How about a different approach.

You know the importance of strategic planning. Markets shift. Opportunities come and go. Uncertainty and change surround you. Proper planning is how you get ahead of change, respond to opportunities and build toward success. Yet most strategic planning doesn’t work.
InitiativeOne takes a different track. Our strategic planning services start by building clarity and consensus around your organizational identity, purpose and nonnegotiable values. Then you’ll use those guideposts within InitiativeOne’s Decision Frame method to anchor decision-making, prioritize resources and create key initiatives. And you’ll build a clear plan for achieving two to four critical goals that will propel your organization to the next level.

How you’ll benefit from InitiativeOne’s strategic planning process.

The InitiativeOne approach is designed to help you overcome one of the biggest obstacles organizations run into with strategic planning—implementation. Many strategic planning services come as a one-time event, where building buy-in and engaging with those who need to follow through on the plan can be a challenge. With our process, you will create a leadership culture that enables positive accountability and helps you ensure that things get done.

Confirm Vision, Values and Critical Goals

Develop Performance Measures

Establish Accountability for Implementation

Gain Organizational Buy-In


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