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Dr. Angela W. Peters

Consultant & Keynote Speaker

Dr. Angela W. Peters learned at an early age the power of mentoring, networking and following the Golden rule. “Growing up in a family of educators and servant leaders paved the way for me and my siblings from Orangeburg, SC.  Expectations were high in my household and education was our vaccine for poverty”, says Peters. My parents taught us that “Nobody Rises to Low Expectations” and that promotion and increase comes from God alone (psalm 75:6-7). Peters shares her story of expectations and triumph as she inspires youth to never give up or give in! “My story starts like this”, says Peters:  In the 10th grade, I failed chemistry. I had challenges with reading comprehension and with problem-solving. For a child to love science, you must be a lover of reading and mathematics. My father found me a tutor. She was a pre-service teacher, a college student. My “F” became a “C” and my “C” became a “B”. The proverbial light-switch was turned on and my curiosity in chemistry was peaked, all because of a teacher. With her doctorate in Biochemistry, Peters has invested her career in creating opportunities and conditions for student success and building a leadership pipeline. Her focus is on getting students “to’ and “through” college.


Peters is Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs and Professor of Chemistry at Albany State University (ASU), Albany GA; and former Vice Provost, Professor of Chemistry and Chair of Chemistry at Claflin University, Orangeburg, SC. Peters led efforts that expanded the university’s global footprint; increased experiential learning opportunities and expanded diversity, and inclusion efforts. Peters has responded to community and regional workforce needs by developing high-demand academic programs, including collaborating with the local hospital system to retain nurses in the southwest Georgia region.

She has led successful middle school youth empowerment programs (GEMSS and AstroCHEM) that resulted in hundreds of youth going to college.


Peters serves on several committees and boards at national and state levels and holds membership in several professional organizations that promote education, literacy and STEM.  She has received numerous awards and accolades that include the South Carolina Governors Professor Award, White House Millennium Teaching Award, E. Ann Nalley Southeastern Regional American Chemical Society Award for Volunteer Services and the Stanley C. Israel Southeastern Regional American Chemical Society Award for Diversity. Peters has years of successful grantwriting experience and published in numerous journals, books and reports promoting leadership, STEM and education.


Peters earned both the bachelors and master’s degree in chemistry from Hampton University and the doctorate in biochemistry from the University of South Carolina, Columbia SC. She also attended the Management Development Program at Harvard University’s Institute for Higher Education.


Peters is married to Dr. Stephen G. Peters (former superintendent, author, and former president ofthe International Literacy Association Board of Directors).She is Executive Director of the Peters Group LLC which is led by her husband, President and CEO. The Peters Group is the sole source provider of the highly acclaimed Gentlemen’s and Ladies Club (mentoring and self-empowering program) which provides options for thousands of at-risk and honor students.


Dr. Angela W. Peters
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