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Dr. Lee Pritzl

VP of Education Team & Board Dev.

Dr. Lee Pritzl's innovation, creativity, and success go beyond basic leadership training. He helps participants understand their potential impact on the organization. He illustrates how to use their talents to build and maintain a world-class team.

Dr. Pritzl relies on his many years "in the trenches" as a teacher, coach, athletic director, vice principal, elementary, middle, and high school principal, and superintendent. His extensive work with school board development and strategic or visionary planning provides a unique value when working with our client partners. He has effectively navigated pivotal issues and challenges during his career. He helps to bring a vision to fruition. Dr. Priztl also has experience working with corporate leadership and boards of directors. He understands the value of high functionality within teams that leads to more significant results.

Educated at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, Dr. Pritzl earned his bachelor's degree in communication and social science in 1994. He subsequently received a master of educational leadership from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Dr. Pritzl completed his doctoral work in educational leadership at Edgewood College. Beyond his experience as an educator, Lee Pritzl previously served for several years with the United States Navy as a meteorologist and oceanographer.


Dr. Lee Pritzl
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