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Grayce Yealey

Client Services Support


I am Grayce Yealey, a dedicated individual with a passion for continuous growth and hard work. I am currently pursuing my academic journey at Northeastern Technical College. My goal is to graduate with an associate degree in Marketing by 2025.

Throughout my academic and personal pursuits, I have embraced the values of diligence and commitment. I believe in the power of hard work to propel personal and professional development. This ethos has guided me through my studies and has become an integral part of my approach to any task at hand.

In addition to my academic endeavors, I have a rich background in sports, particularly volleyball. I dedicated five years to playing volleyball, honing not only my physical skills but also developing teamwork, leadership, and communication abilities. Building on this experience, I've transitioned into coaching, where I find joy in imparting my knowledge and passion for the sport to aspiring athletes.

As I continue my educational journey and coaching endeavors, I am excited about the opportunities for learning and growth that lie ahead. I am committed to applying the lessons learned both in and out of the classroom to contribute positively to any professional environment.

Grayce Yealey
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