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Rebekah Elam

Executive Assistance


With two decades of experience in administrative, executive assistance, and project management, Rebekah is a seasoned professional known for her dedication and support. Her innate generosity drives her to utilize her administrative skills to assist others effectively. From humble beginnings in office assistance, her journey has led her to manage projects for renowned entities like the Rolling Stones and NFL Films.

Rebekah thrives behind the scenes, ensuring seamless operations and enhancing the lives of colleagues and directors alike. Her sense of accomplishment stems from the knowledge that her efforts contribute to the smooth functioning of organizations and alleviate the burdens of those around her.

Passionate about fostering business growth, Rebekah thrives in team environments, where she actively engages in day-to-day operations and project tasks. Beyond her professional pursuits, she cherishes her roles as a wife and mother of two. An avid enthusiast of fitness, travel, and outdoor activities, she finds joy in watching her children participate in various sports endeavors.

Rebekah Elam
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