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Don’t Ever Stop Growing | iOne Leadership Series Video Blog

InitiativeOne is happy to announce our new iOne Leadership Series video blog! Check back weekly for another video post from Fred or other members of the InitiativeOne team!

Today we're talking about continual improvement and how real leaders never stop growing. Transformational leaders have the attitude and humility that they have never "arrived" and are continually learning and looking for ways to improve. Would others consider you a leader they want to work with?

We have a lot of great topics and discussions coming up so stay tuned! We are also looking for community participation in this leadership series - if you have a topic or a story to share, please contact Abbey Strachota today!


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Hi. Thank you for such a lengthy interview, could you post some more issues like this? If you don't mind, I could get the audio track from this issue and post the audio interview on my website on the home page. Here you will learn how to extract audio from video and if you want to do the same, it will be no problem!

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