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Leaders are Faith Builders

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Faith is a core tenet of leadership.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

If I expect you to follow me, then I am asking you to have faith that I will lead you to a place that is safe, that is good, perhaps even much better than where you are. I’m asking for faith in what is not yet seen. I’m expecting you to take a risk.

When the stakes are high, the impersonal aspects of faith tend to move to the periphery. At the heart of the matter, faith is personal. Do you have faith in me? Healthy leaders create healthy organizations through healthy relationships. Sometimes it’s a leap of faith. More often, it’s an intentional walk of faith. Leaders are faith builders.

According to Bruce Avolio, inspirational motivation is one of the hallmarks of transformational leaders. Certain behaviors are recognizable. Transformational leaders “behave in ways that motivate and inspire those around them by providing meaning and challenge.” They attract others; create ownership and a mutual sense of belonging. Together, they move toward an inspiring and preferred future. The realm of possibility expands. When they do, team spirit is enhanced and collective faith is bolstered.

An ancient proverb states, “A faithful witness does not lie.” The best transformational leaders recognize that faithfulness aligns words and deeds. These are the behaviors that carry the most weight. Credibility is not built in a day. Inspiration increases when you do what you say. Faithful leaders build faith by keeping commitments and by taking responsibility quickly when they don’t.

What are the behaviors that your team members find motivational and inspiring?

How can you increase those behaviors?



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