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Think Tank Events and Online Leadership Training

Live training to help you overcome the stresses and frustrations of modern leadership.

Navigating leadership in today’s world is tough. Sometimes you need a regular shot in the arm to keep perspective, refresh and remind yourself of the principles that will keep you leading on purpose. That’s why we offer monthly Think Tank events—free leadership training where we’ll talk through timely challenges and offer tools and techniques for dealing with them.

What to expect from the InitiativeOne Think Tank series.

  • Energetic and lively presentations. It's pretty short and not boring.
  • Interactive using real examples. We regularly take questions from the crowd and real-life situations to talk through.
  • Positive focus. You won’t find a lot of negativity or a focus on what you’re doing wrong.
  • Advice is actionable. We give advice on how to deal with real issues facing leaders. You’ll leave with at least one or two takeaways you can implement today. 
  • Unique perspective. We approach leadership from the emotional, personal level of things. Starting at that core leads to a top-performing team.
  • Impactful strategies. Implementing our advice consistently over time will create change in your personal and professional leadership.

Each month, we invite you to join us to receive invaluable insights that will help you go further faster in your leadership, company, and career. Topics we cover include:


Check out our upcoming Think Tank topics below and register to attend our free online leadership training.



October 2021: Building a Healthy Culture

When asked, we'd likely all say we want to work for an organization with healthy culture. Accountability, Transparency, Collaboration - sounds great! But guess what we're finding... not everyone is ready for it. *Gulp* 

Building and maintaining a healthy culture is tough work. It's hard conversations, it's reflection, it's uncomfortable. It can also look like TURNOVER. *Gasp*

That's right - we're going there. Let's talk about turnover and how protecting a healthy culture will always trump the agenda of any one person. An organizations values and trust accelerators (team norms) will often surface the unhealthy behaviors harbored by toxic people. *Sigh*

What does a healthy culture really look and feel like? Is it worth it? 

Let's discuss... if you dare!

Friday - October 1st
7:45am - 8:30am CDT
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November 2021: 3 Types of Turnover
Full description to be shared soon!

Friday - November 5th 
7:45am - 8:30am CDT
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December 2021: Keep the Toxic Out


Friday - December 3rd 
7:45am - 8:30am CDT
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