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Dr. Phil Ertl Explaining Conflict Leadership


Even the Biggest Transformation
Begins with a Single Step

A team behavioral assessment can be that essential first move toward a better-communicating, higher-performing organization. InitiativeOne will help you gain clearer understanding of what makes you and your team tick, using the highly respected PDP ProScan® Survey to assess the behavioral styles of your team. It’s a powerful tool that analyzes self-perception, how you react to your environment and how others can expect you to act at your best and most challenging moments. And it lends the insight that can build a foundation for better collaboration, communication and effectiveness in your organization.

Foundational Outcomes

Gain Clearer Self-Perception

Gain Clearer 

Understand How And Why You React To Your Environment

Understand How and Why You React to Your Environment

Increase Team Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Increase Team Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Identify Predictable Behaviors

Identify Predictable Behaviors

How Leadership Foundations Works

Unleash the strength of your team by combining individual PDP ProScan® personality assessments with 12 powerful hours of customized team training led by an InitiativeOne facilitator. During the sessions, you’ll begin to gain understanding of each other’s communication and behavioral styles and lay the groundwork for more effective and collaborative culture. 

Benefits and Results

  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and others.

  • Understand the dynamics of your team culture.

  • Improve your Emotional Intelligence - leverage your self-awareness and social awareness toward better decision making and problem solving.

  • Target specific behaviors for continued improvement in problem-solving and decision-making.

Leadership Foundations Includes

  • Individual PDP ProScan® assessment and report 

  • PDP Team Scan Summary Report 

  • 30 minute consultation with trained InitiativeOne facilitator

  • 12 hours of customized training that can be delivered in 4 sessions, 3 hours per session.

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