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Organizational Discovery With The Initiative One Team


Uncover the Thinking, Attitudes and  Behaviors  that

We call our organizational development consulting services a discovery because it’s all about revealing what you may not see. Bringing to light the beliefs and behaviors that shape how your organization works together, communicates and makes decisions. For companies who aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into Leadership Transformation, who want to assess the state of their culture and understand a path toward greater effectiveness, an organizational discovery can be the crucial first step.

Improve Organizational Performance 

Identify Root Causes Of Issues

Identify root causes of issues

Understand Cultural Complexities

Understand cultural complexities

Begin To Create A Safe Environment

Begin to create a safe environment

We Will Give You A Reccomended Course Of Action

We will give you a recommended course of action

How Organizational Discovery

Organizational Discovery is a companywide behavioral assessment, along with a summary of issues and a recommended approach to tackle them. Through confidential interviews, we’ll help you get a deep understanding of the patterns of thinking, attitudes and behaviors that drive your organizational culture and decision-making. Organizational discovery includes:

  • Confidential interviews with individual leaders and staff members

  • An executive report or verbal summary will be delivered, identifying critical issues and their root causes, along with a recommended course of action to remedy those issues

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