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PDP Behavioral Assessments:
A Productive Investment in Your People

InitiativeOne will help you better understand what makes you and your team tick, using the highly respected PDP ProScan® Survey to assess the behavioral styles of your team. It’s a powerful tool that analyzes self-perception, how you react to your environment, and how others can expect you to act at your best and most challenging moments. And it lends the insight that can build a foundation for better collaboration, communication, and effectiveness in your organization.

Empower Your Leadership Culture From Hire to Retire

PDP Proscan:
Understand Your Strengths in the Workplace

The PDP ProScan is a non-threatening, quick, easy, and reliable survey that answers why leaders love some tasks but hit the wall on others. When leaders have self-awareness about their strengths and limitations, and management aligns strengths to tasks, everyone is happier and performs at their best.

ProScan Measures:
Gain Clearer Self-Perception

Behavioral Traits and Decision-Making Style

Understand How And Why You React To Your Environment

Energy Levels

and Energy Styles

Identify Predictable Behaviors

Satisfaction, Stress, and Energy Drain

Increase Team Awareness And Emotional Intelligence

Leadership and Communication Styles

PDP JobScan: Hire for the Behavioral Best Fit

The PDP JobScan is an objective, easily understood behavioral benchmarking and applicant matching solution that takes the risk out of hiring. Increase your hiring success by attracting the right applicants with the right traits and skills, which provides a long-lasting framework to decrease turnover and increase job satisfaction.

JobScan Offers:
Gain Clearer Self-Perception

JobScan Modeling: Benchmark the most successful traits for the role.

Understand How And Why You React To Your Environment

How to Advertise: Attract the highest quality applicants possible.

Identify Predictable Behaviors

Applicant Match: Ensure a good fit with the applicant to the JobScan Model.

Increase Team Awareness And Emotional Intelligence

Candidate Interview Guide: Ask the right questions to confirm the best hire.

PDP TeamScan: Drive Cultural Cohesion

The PDP TeamScan is an insightful, in-depth analysis allowing organizations to measure and define company culture accurately. TeamScan applies to any department, division, or group aspiring to increase performance. By understanding their dynamics, they'll build stronger bonds, resolve conflict, and strengthen interpersonal appreciation.

TeamScan Offers:
Gain Clearer Self-Perception

Review the current team behavioral profile.

Understand How And Why You React To Your Environment

Build trust and self-awareness to achieve goals.

Identify Predictable Behaviors

Pinpoint practical ways to improve relationships.

Increase Team Awareness And Emotional Intelligence

Identify potential biases between traits and communication styles. 

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