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Individual Leadership Transformation

Improve decision-making. Come together as a team. Drive long-term results.

You’re serious about eliminating drama. And maybe you’ve tried leadership training and development programs to help you get there, only to see your team slide back into old habits. Our signature Leadership Transformation process is designed to make change that lasts. It’s an immersive and authentic collaborative experience where you’ll break down barriers, undo harmful attitudes, and learn to work together in an environment of honest, trusting behavior. Experience and environment where excellent communication and strong relationships flourish to create better work, better decisions, and better results.

Renew Your Sense of Purpose

Eliminate Drama

Eliminate Drama

Learn To Lead By Principle

Learn to Lead by Principle

Build A High-Trust Environment

Build a High-Trust Environment

Improve Decision Making

Improve Decision Making

Create Effective Teamwork

Create Effective Teamwork

“It was by far the best professional development I’ve ever experienced in my life. We felt safe having the conversations we needed to have.”

— Crystal Cook
President and CEO of REDI Transports (formerly Wisconsin Lock and Load)

How Leadership Transformation Works

You’ll strengthen your leadership together, through a powerful group process led by a highly skilled facilitator. Throughout the process, your team will learn, bond, challenge each other and be challenged to apply proven tools and new ways of thinking to improve their own leadership. The process can be delivered face-to-face or virtually to accommodate your team’s needs.

Each group process contains five components:

  • PDP ProScan® Assessment and Review

  • Compelling Cognitive Learning

  • Group Facilitation with Real-World Challenges

  • Strategic Personal Discovery

  • Toolkit for Leadership

It's a PROCESS—Not Simply an Event.

While many leadership training programs come as a one-time event or short-term learning experience, our process takes the time necessary to create behavioral change that lasts. Leadership Transformation happens in two phases:

  • PHASE I: 9 sessions, 3 hours per session, over 11 weeks

  • PHASE II: 4 quarterly check-ins, 3 hours per session, for the 12 months following Phase I 

Over a 15-month engagement, your team will learn about themselves and each other, build relationships, and grow together in an environment of healthy trust. Throughout the process, we’ll make coaching available to your team to assist them in recognizing and understanding how to sustain positive transformation during critical situations

Individual Transformation

Individual Leadership Transformation is perfect for an individual looking to improve their own leadership, or when a new team member joins an organization that has already been through Leadership Transformation. Individual Transformation happens in a mixed group, where you’ll build your leadership toolbox and define your personal and professional purpose alongside a group of fellow growth-oriented leaders.

  • Lower stress and anxiety.

  • Increased authenticity with yourself and others.

  • Healthier relationships with self, family and co-workers.

  • Improved mental and emotional energy.

  • Happier, enriched and integrated lives.

  • Clearer sense of purpose and increased meaning.

  • Deeper sense of respect and appreciation by company leaders.

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