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Four Leaders Share Their Organizational Leadership Transformation Stories:



InitiativeOne propels companies toward improved results by transforming their leaders and their respective teams to function much more effectively. Transformative leadership is built on trust, respectful relationships, authentic behavior, and pro-active thinking. These are the qualities that define transformational leaders. Our processes teach leaders how to make this essential transition within a dynamic environment that nourishes deep self-discovery and promotes high trust formation between participants. We help leaders to rise above the noise, to lead by principle instead of the path of least resistance, to gain mastery in decision-making and problem solving, and to leverage the powerful resources of others for highest success.

Did You Know?

We partner with the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay to offer continuing education units for participants who request CEUs and submit signed proof of participation for each session. 

The Leadership Transformation Process has also met undergraduate and graduate credit requirements for students who are enrolled at University of Wisconsin Green Bay or University of Wisconsin Madison and have worked with the program directors to obtain approval for credit submission prior to the beginning process date.

How we do it

Through a powerful group process led by a highly skilled facilitator, leaders are exposed to best practice methodology within real world challenges which can be directly applied in their own specific leadership context. Each group process contains five components:

PDP ProScan and ReviewPDP ProScan and Review
Compelling Cognitive LearningCompelling Cognitive Learning
Group Faciliation with Real World ChallengesGroup Facilitation with Real World Challenges
Strategic Personal DiscoveryStrategic Personal Discovery
Toolkit for LeadershipToolkit for Leadership


  • Phase I is a 9 session, 3 hours per session process completed within 11 weeks.
  • Phase II is a maintenance program in which each group meets quarterly in a three-hour session for one year following Phase I. This phase has proven essential for minimized regression and for driving sustainable change.
  • The process can be delivered face-to-face or virtually.
  • Coaching will be available throughout the fifteen-month engagement to assist executive team members in recognizing and understanding how to sustain positive transformation during critical situations.

Team and Orgnizational Leadership Transformation

Our signature process has the most impact when delivered to a team or organization. Transformative Leadership creates compassionate and energized work environments that people crave. We provide systematic and sustainable tools to encourage communication, innovation and creativity. Contact us today to begin your organizational transformation.
ORGANIZATIONS can expect the following RESULTS:
  1. Higher attractiveness for top talent.

  2. Improved innovation that leads to better solutions for your partners.

  3. Reduced turnover.

  4. Deeply engaged teammates.

  5. Heightened accountability.

  6. Increased ownership and responsibility for excellence.


INDIVIDUAL Leadership Transformation

It only takes 1 person to impact change – that is the short meaning behind our name, InitiativeOne. We provide Leadership Transformation in a Mixed Group where, along with other leaders, you will learn leadership concepts, models, and experience real world challenges from the group. Personal transformation is key to building your leadership toolbox and helping you find your true purpose – both personally and professionally. Review our schedule of upcoming mixed group cohorts and sign up or contact us today!

INDIVIDUAL LEADERS can expect the following BENEFITS:

  1. Lower stress and anxiety.

  2. Increased authenticity with themselves and others.

  3. Healthier relationships with self, family and co-workers.

  4. Improved mental and emotional energy.

  5. Happier, enriched and integrated lives.

  6. Clearer sense of purpose and increased meaning.

  7. Deeper sense of respect and appreciation by company leaders.


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