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When Does the Time Change?

Dr. Paul Metler | 10/27/2014
For part of my life, I lived in Arizona. Arizona did not “participate” in Daylight Savings Time. It was always in the back of my mind when I called family members in the East. Is it two hours or three hours? Since moving back into a state that adjusts every spring and fall, I have grown accustomed once again to that familiar question, “When does the time change?”
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Are you Authentic?

Dr. Paul Metler | 10/20/2014
It’s that time of year. Kids are preparing to dress up in costumes and trek from door to door to make a friendly demand for chocolate. Sometimes you can recognize the child within the minion and sometimes it’s hard to tell. These short-term changes in identity provide a lot of fun. Why is it so much fun to pretend to be someone you’re not? It could be the reward. Even a minimal costume on Halloween will net you some candy.
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Don’t Miss the Obvious

Dr. Paul Metler | 10/13/2014
Not long ago I was planning a short trip. So I did a little homework. I checked Google Maps for the “best” route. As usual, I was given a choice. For this particular trip, I had three options. That’s not unusual for Google Maps. However, for the first time, I was given two routes, differing by 34 miles with the exact same time estimate for travel. Obviously, the longer route provided more time on major roadways and the shorter route included some scenic opportunities. Have you ever tried a “short-cut” that ended badly?
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Leadership Lessons from The Flash

Dr. Paul Metler | 10/8/2014
It’s another banner year for superhero fans. Take your pick. CW offers The Flash and Arrow and Fox provides a gritty look at the young batman in Gotham. Everybody loves a hero. Last night’s debut of The Flash introduced Barry Allen as a forensic scientist who receives a fortuitous lightning strike and a dose of chemicals and emerges as the fastest man on the planet. So what can we learn from The Flash?
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Lead into the Future – Millennials in the Workplace

Dr. Paul Metler | 10/6/2014
As members of the millennial generation enter the workforce in increasing numbers, attempts to describe the impact are increasing. How is this generation different from previous generations? Have values and motivations shifted? There is no shortage of questions and answers swirling around. We live in a world where rapid change has become the norm. So, we are accustomed to considering how these changes impact organizations and leadership into the future.
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Find Your Voice

Dr. Paul Metler | 9/29/2014
So, a part of your day will be spent wading through content. How will you choose to split your time among the 150 million blogs on the Internet? By the way, thanks for reading this one. In the midst of sharing, linking, liking and writing it’s easy to get lost in all the content. As the torrent of information floods into your world, two messages have become critical.
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What’s the Real Purpose of Feedback?

Dr. Paul Metler | 9/22/2014
Did you ever attend a state fair when you were a child? When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait until September. The state fair signaled the end of summer and the beginning of fall. I loved the cooler temperatures, the carnival rides and the fun house. There was always an array of carnival mirrors. My favorite mirror was the one that made me look taller. I knew it was an illusion. But, it was still fun for the moment. I could pretend that I was seven feet tall.
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Leadership Self-Check

Dr. Paul Metler | 9/15/2014
So, what’s your take on Mondays? Maybe you show up humming, “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” If you’re too young to know the tune, you might want to check it out. Although we live in a 24/7 world and leadership does wait on a signal from a calendar, Monday remains the moniker for the symbolic beginning of the workweek. As such, it’s a great time for a leadership self-check.
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Are you satisfied with your Decision-Making?

Dr. Paul Metler | 9/11/2014
Is it possible to lead in “Real Time” today? How often during the day do you deal with the unexpected? Suddenly, your day takes a turn. You feel emotionally hijacked by a sudden interruption that requires your attention. Immediately, you begin to feel the pressure to provide an answer. Recognizing and cultivating a sense of urgency is one of your prize virtues. The gnawing pressure to answer comes from a gut level belief that if you were a really good leader you would be able to respond in Real Time. But what does Real Time mean?
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Culture Shaping

Dr. Fred Johnson | 6/27/2013
“Culture Change” is one of those nebulous phrases often tossed around today.  The challenge is getting one’s arms around it quickly and succinctly.
When we discuss culture, we are referring to the overall environment that directly influences the performance and results of the organization.   The corporate culture of any organization is the byproduct of the behaviors, attitudes, and values exhibited by key leaders toward others over time.  Culture directly impacts the morale, trust, engagement and confidence in the leadership by those at the “grassroots” level, it can be a company’s most powerful asset or it can be its greatest weakness.
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