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Leadership Foundations

Without a catalyst for change, it’s just too easy to settle into your comfort zone and miss golden opportunities for growth. Conversely, it’s hard to hide behind a mask when you engage with others, and you are surrounded by leaders who know you and who look for ways to invest in your growth.
It’s a place where iron sharpens iron. It’s a place where it’s safe to be authentic. It’s not always comfortable. But it’s safe.
InitiativeOne’s Leadership Foundations are lessons crystalized from the frontlines. The framework will provide a guide for personal reflection and a genuine connection with your team that leads to sustainable leadership development.

Leadership Foundations Sessions —

Benefit and Results

  1. Deepen your understanding of yourself and others.

  2. Understand the dynamics of your team culture.

  3. Improve your Emotional Intelligence - leverage your self-awareness and social awareness toward better decision making and problem solving.

  4. Target specific behaviors for continued improvement in problem-solving and decision-making.


InitiativeOne will deliver 12 hours of customized training that is structured in 4 (3-hour) sessions. Leadership Foundations will begin with an individual PDP ProScan® assessment, report and 30-minute consultation between the leader and an InitiativeOne facilitator. From there a PDP Team Scan Report will be compiled from the results of the individual PDP reports. InitiativeOne will address the individual and team strengths, communication styles, and begin to draw awareness to how the group can work together in a lowered stress and higher energy environment.

Course Overview —
Essential for Leading Well in Tough Moments

Leadership Foundations Chapters
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