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Episode 29: How to Understand Visionary Leaders with Tracy Johnson

In Episode 29 of the InitiativeOne Leadership Podcast, Nick Nighbor and Tracy Johnson discuss "Is Everyone on the Boat?" from authors Dr. Fred Johnson and Dr. Paul Metler.

How well do you understand the people in your organization? Do you possess a clear grasp of the values that inspire their behavior? These are key to your journey to becoming a better leader and leading positive change. It begins with increased self-awareness.

Tracy and Nick discuss how having a balanced organization between detailed and visionary leaders sets teams up for reaching significant results. Visionary leaders tend to lack attention to detail; they're focused on the big picture. People who lead through their vision of what is possible create something others might not see due to the 'noise' around them.

Do you know any visionary leaders in your life? Maybe, you are a visionary leader! Nick and Tracy also discuss the character of Sam in the story who is a visionary leader. Their discussion unlocks some critical insights into the life of a visionary leader.



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