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iOne Think Tank | The Damaging Pitfalls of Every Driven Leader

8 P's of Driven Leaders

During our November Think Tank, Dr. Fred Johnson spoke on the pitfalls of every driven leader. He unpacked the 8 P's of Driven Leaders

  1. Performance is everything to a driven leader.

  2. Driven leaders are pushed from behind.

  3. Driven leaders push others away.

  4. Driven leaders are parked when the snow comes.

  5. Criticism causes panic in driven leaders.

  6. Driven leaders are patients suffering from destination disease.

  7. Driven leaders pound doors that don't exist.

  8. Driven leaders see people as pawns instead of prizes.

These 8 P's show that leaders need a different path for greater strategic results. This path is deliberate leadership!

Deliberate leaders are pulled by the power of their purpose. They lean on the talents, gifts, and abilities of others. Deliberate leaders understand that their leadership influence comes from pouring into others. They pour into others because it is the right thing to do, not to get something in return.

Check out the highlights from our November Think Tank:



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