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It’s Not About Your Mama | iOne Think Tank

Do you receive feedback well? Think deep down - how do you react when you are given direction, constructive criticism, or accountability checks? It's just information... it's not about our mama!

Then why is it so hard to receive these messages? We discuss how we can position ourselves and our teams to RECEIVE and GIVE feedback so that it can be accepted and acted on in a positive and impactful way. We'll also share how these extremely healthy exchanges and conversations can build up the trust within a team.

3 Notes About Receiving Feedback:

  1. Self-belief and ability to receive feedback go hand in hand

  2. Self-messaging at moment feedback is critical

  3. Don't take yourself to seriously! Get over ourselves!

6 Notes about Giving Feedback

  1. Lead not manage a conversation

  2. Stay within team norms

  3. “It’s Just Information” is more for YOU and your delivery

  4. Don’t strip 2nd gear

  5. BUT do not use “It’s just information” as a weapon

  6. Show the back of the book

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