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What is True Work-Life Balance? It's Probably Different Than You Would Think!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022


People frequently ask me to define life balance and a healthy relationship between work and home! Many individuals view life balance sort of like a teeter-totter! While one side is active, the other side is inactive! In this view, the goal is to balance the two, so equal time is given to both sides over time! Instead, I maintain a different understanding of life balance!

Life balance occurs when one is fully present at home and yet flexible when work requires periodic attention while at home. At the same time, work is so enjoyable that it feels like play, not a mere job! It is like two life-giving streams flowing seamlessly together, each providing stimulation, meaning, and joy, and one feeds the other and vice versa.

When both are healthy, they are not separate entities disconnected or divided from each other! Real-life includes both spectrums simultaneously!

I wouldn’t knowingly hire anyone on my team for whom work is just a transaction or a job, an exchange of effort for money! On the other hand, I wouldn’t hire someone content with knowingly disregarding their family while pouring all of themselves into work as the sole source of their validation.

Life balance is not two separate currencies battling to gain equal attention! It is a place of integrity when somehow both life dimensions contribute freely to the other for a seamless life!

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