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Keynote Speaking

InitiativeOne’s Transformation Leaders are also highly skilled speakers. Discover how one of our speakers can become a catalyst for change within an individual leader and the organizational culture, to create a heightened sense of authenticity. Their extensive knowledge of leadership transformation allows them to guide leaders to make better decisions and to solve problems more effictively.

We know that true organizational transformation does not take place at a half day seminar, but we believe any exposure to leadership transformation is a positive step for the individual, team, and organization. Learn how to improve the performance and effectiveness of your organization by helping your team break through the barriers that hold them back.

Dr. Fred Johnson was featured at TEDxUW-GREENBAY with his Talk - I AM ENOUGH:

Top Requested Keynote Topics:

  • Make Conflict your BFF
  • What's EQ got to do with it?
  • Create a Championship Culture within your Organization
  • Mastering the Reality of Change


Fred Johnson
Dr. Fred Johnson


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Tracy Johnson
Tracy Johnson
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Dr. Paul Metler


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