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3 Things Leaders Do At Year-End

Dr. Paul Metler | 12/27/2016
The last week of the year rushes in. It’s year-end and the pressure to wrap things up includes numbers of tasks. As a leader, the way you finish this year can propel you to your best start next year. You won’t find any tax advice here, but you may find a few borrowed accounting terms.
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Four Things That Transform Your Strategy Meeting from “Yawn” to “Yay!”

Dr. Paul Metler | 12/13/2016
It’s the time of year when strategic thoughts are heightened. Leaders think about strategy and there’s a pretty good chance if you haven’t had one already there will be a strategic meeting just around the corner. Be honest, when you’re staring at that strategic meeting invite, you’re not all that excited.  Strategic planning meetings do not always create raving fans. Instead of an outburst of exuberance, you are more likely to roll your eyes and yawn.
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Seven Leadership Gifts I Have Received

Dr. Paul Metler | 11/28/2016
Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.
Dr. Seuss
The seasons change. It’s amazing how quickly focus shifts this time of year from gratitude to shopping. As I track the media coverage of online sales, traffic and the crowds and mayhem at the malls, I infer that there will be millions shopping for the perfect “gifts” to give.
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Healthy Leaders are Truthful Leaders

Dr. Paul Metler | 11/7/2016
Leaders don’t always have the answers. Sometimes the answers are difficult to deliver. What do Healthy Leaders say when they don’t know what to say?
The truth.
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Reverse the Energy Drain

Dr. Paul Metler | 10/28/2016
Most of us have had the dreaded experience. It’s a cold dreary night. You open the car door, sit down and put the key in the ignition. It’s a mindless exercise. Without thinking, you turn the key or push the ignition button. Your unconscious expectation is interrupted by silence. You expect to hear the engine start. Instead, nothing happens. The battery is dead. There is a momentary pause as you grip the steering wheel, drop your head and roll your eyes. After the initial wave of frustration, you click through your mental checklist. Did I leave my lights on? Was the door ajar? What caused the drain on my battery?
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Does Your Leadership Deserve Two Thumbs Up?

Dr. Paul Metler | 8/31/2016
You live in a world of unprecedented convenience. Let’s say you want to go to the theatre and watch a movie tonight. You can touch an app, check and see what’s showing, read a few reviews and buy tickets in a matter of moments. For that matter, you could change your mind, decide you don’t want to go out and decide to watch a movie on your phone. You could even share your experience with others. Why not critique the plot, post a review or text a friend while you watch?
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Building Trust in an Untrusting World

Dr. Paul Metler | 8/15/2016
When Daniel Goleman wrote about the relationship of emotions and behavior over twenty years ago, references to Emotional Intelligence were not all that common. Today, it’s hard to overlook the articles and books that describe one aspect or another of leadership through the lens of neuroscience. Despite all the breakthroughs in science and our understanding of leadership practices, actual behavior remains a challenge. Where’s the progress? The words published by Goleman in 1995 seem a bit ominous. Goleman emphasized the importance of right behavior by reaching back to the ethical writings of Aristotle.
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Today Matters

Dr. Paul Metler | 8/8/2016
Recently, I was traveling through Arizona with my family and took a few moments to admire the beauty of Oak Creek Canyon. One trail took us underneath a bridge. From the top of the bridge, travelers were provided spectacular views of the red rocks and canyons. My vantage from underneath the bridge provided a different perspective. It’s impossible to see under a bridge while you are crossing it. But those who were crossing the canyon had sufficient trust in the construction to complete the span form one side to the other. Think of today as a bridge that stretches from yesterday to tomorrow. Do you trust that today will connect the lessons learned yesterday to a brighter tomorrow? Your leadership development depends on it.
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Four Reasons You Need a Scoreboard

Dr. Paul Metler | 7/14/2016
When you’re an athlete, a scoreboard is an important part of the game. Scoreboards come in all shapes, sizes and types. When you think about a scoreboard you may envision an extravagant display like the Dallas Cowboys’ screen that stretches from one 20-yard line to the other or a simple sign at one end of a high school field. The basic function is the same. A scoreboard lets you know how you’re doing. Recent time spent with a group of exceptional leaders who have excelled in sports and life helped me recognize that the absence of a scoreboard can present significant challenges. In fact, this can be especially true for a professional athlete transitioning into the next phase of life. There are four reasons why it’s important to have a scoreboard. A feature on a scoreboard symbolizes each of the reasons.
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Why Wouldn’t You Play All Four Quarters?

Dr. Paul Metler | 7/11/2016
To keep things in small, easily digestible chunks, every football game is divided into quarters and play doesn’t end until all four quarters are completed. If you win every quarter, you are assured a victory at the end of the game.
At InitiativeOne, we are your four-quarter game changer. We understand that true transformation begins with developing the best leadership talent in your organization and continues through a strategic investment that will sustain high performance momentum. We have a proven systematic approach that begins with your key leaders and carries you toward a sustainable legacy.
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