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InitiativeOne CEO Change

Updated: Mar 1

In the 24 years since founding the InitiativeOne Leadership Institute in Scottsdale, AZ, our company has grown, in both scope and scale, to a level we never imagined. Now with operational presence, nationwide, and in Spain, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, and Peru, our impact is felt globally. Our monthly leadership ThinkTanks continue to grow, expanding from 16 participants to over 800 attendees each session.

With experience in 22 professional fields, we are now specializing in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and public education, the latter experiencing exponential growth throughout the country. Green Bay became our national headquarters as the city and our new friends welcomed us warmly in our state of the art facility, and has become pivotal to our success. We have grown four-fold in the last three years alone.

We are confident we are just beginning to "scratch our potential" for much greater and deeper impact. To achieve our purpose, our company has new needs and goals that require fresh thinking, and differing skills than what I possess.

I will be stepping aside from my role as CEO effective April 30th. I am pleased to welcome our current COO, Tracy Johnson, for the last 17 years into her new role as CEO, effective May 1. Possessing superb operational and leadership skills, she will oversee all operational and strategic responsibilities, while guiding us into a bright future. As a former healthcare executive overseeing clinical responsibilities for a highly regarded healthcare system, she is more than prepared.

Our Advisory Board, our team, and certainly myself are thrilled to welcome Tracy into her new leadership oversight. As Founder, I will stay heavily involved on a delivery level for ThinkTanks, national speaking engagements, strategic engagements, executive mentoring, writing, and in giving specific focus to the growth of our educational and international opportunities.

We always teach that in making strategic decisions, purpose always trumps ego in any healthy culture, even if it means handing over the reins to a new leader to take us to new heights. Tracy and the team will lead us in different ways with a new voice. I am proud to serve with her and in support of her leadership.

Please join me in welcoming Tracy as our new CEO. Congratulations Tracy!

With enthusiasm,

Dr. Fred Johnson, Founder InitiativeOne



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