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5 Ways to Make the Workplace More Fun

Have More Fun at Work

Creating a safe, comfortable space for your employees is crucial. It is essential to be productive, yet, having fun is equally important. Engaging in activities that we enjoy releases the hormones that lead to positivity. These activities relieve feelings of stress. They'll even improve focus.

When people are overworked, they may begin to carry frustrations. Those feelings will carry over to home if your job is not enjoyable. Your loved ones and pets will get the leftovers of you. So how can you start to improve morale at the workplace? Lean into having more fun!

Here are five ways to make the workplace more fun:

1. Plan Fun Days

InitiativeOne owners Dr. Fred Johnson and Tracy Johnson, have an executive retreat center on Washington Island. Annually, our team takes a trip there to relax, explore, and bond with each other. It's a great way to grow closer, create memories, and engage with each other on more of a personal basis. Creating a culture of care beyond the workday helps forge relationships that last. It builds team chemistry and creates a pathway for deeper trust. Any kind of team bonding activity can be fun. Even activities such as enjoying lunch as a team are a great way to make your workplace more enjoyable.

2. Celebrate Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, & Other Special Occasions

Whether it's throwing a baby shower for an expecting employee or just recognizing how long someone has been working with the company, we all need to be seen, heard, and appreciated. These markers help that take place. They aren't complicated, but they go a long way in creating a supportive culture.

3. Commemorate All Wins (Even the Small Ones)

No win is too small. Gratitude is the bedrock for success. Failure is often our most influential teacher. Yet, leaders must celebrate success inside and outside the workplace. When this occurs, proactive leaders make work-life balance a priority. Don't be afraid to shine a light on your people. Our team has a "wins and celebrations" group chat where we post our wins and elevate each other. It's a great way to support team members and cheer each other on.

4. Ask For Input from Employees

Inclusion and consensus come from creating a culture where people are a part of the process. Inclusion means more people are connected. The power of problem-solving grows when more people are involved. Proactive leaders are not afraid to not have the answer. They empower others to collaborate on creative solutions. Employees' ideas are just as valuable in improving an organization. It also creates the opportunity to build a better relationship with your employees.

5. Put Things on the Table

Kind, direct, and respectful (KDR) communication is imperative. Using these three pillars, leaders can get to the bottom of issues and lead conflict productively and healthily. Teams that genuinely communicate have increased trust, which leads to better problem-solving and decision-making. Teams with this level of respect and success are winning. And winning in this way is fun!

Each of these makes it possible for teams to have the freedom to use their abilities to move toward a common purpose. They make work more meaningful and fun. The air will hold a different energy where people want to give their all and dedicate their time and energy to tasks, goals, and vision.

If you're looking to create a culture of care that highlights the fun and meaning of work, let's connect to see how to make that culture a reality.



It's a good article, I liked it, the author managed to convey the mood with which the team should work. Very good advice on how to create a friendly team and atmosphere in general, for example, I have a very good team that helps you when you have problems, even when they are not work-related. I remember when I deleted all the files on my phone, the whole team was looking for someone who could help, thank God we found these guys who were able to restore everything and generally solve the problem. I was really touched that all our colleagues care about you and are ready to help you.


It's quite an interesting article, it was interesting to read how others have fun at work, so to speak, by arranging such small breaks for themselves. We used to love to spend time on music and various puzzles, and lately we've been doing tasks from virtual to live romaji, a kind of lightweight truth or dare game that relieves our minds and adds movement to our daily workday, which is probably the most valuable thing. Anyway, I was very interested to read your article and plunge into the fun.

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