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Personality Assessement & Consultation

The PDP ProScan® Survey is a highly accurate and reliable personal assessment that that analyzes self-perception, how you react to your environment, and predictable behaviors you may exhibit… basically what makes you tick!

What's Included?

  • PDP ProScan® Assessment - you will receive a link and license to complete this assessment. Your results will be automatically emailed to you as a PDF upon completion of the assessment.

  • Individual 30-Minute Consultation - you will be paired with a trained facilitator to review your assessment. This can be be easily scheduled through our Bookings portal.

  • Both the Assessment link and consultation scheduling link will be included in your confirmation email for immediate access!

Are you purchasing assessments for multiple leaders?  Select desired quantity and complete online transaction. You will receive a confirmation email with link and allotted licenses. Please see Team Power Workshop if you are looking to purchase the team workshop.


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