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How to Turn the Corner: Starve Negativity and Feed your Purpose

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

iOne Think Tank

You have a finite amount of time and energy every day.

How much time and energy are you giving to negativity? Do naysayers drain your resources and divert your focus away from what’s most important?

During our August Think Tank, Dr. Fred Johnson outlined 10 steps to take to become a positive and constructive leader:

1. Stop Blaming People

2. Take 100% Responsibility for Where You Are

3. Focus On Your Locus of Control 4. Change Your Glasses

5. Switch From Comparison to Gratitude

6. Change Your Inner Ear

7. Let Go of Judgment

8. Retrain Your Brain

9. Ask People to Hold You Accountable

10. Let Go of Blame and Negativity by Grabbing Onto Your Purpose

Change is possible. Your choice to change causes others to recognize they can too.

Negativity is normal, but it is not effective. Choose to be an abnormal leader!



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