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Leaders do not exist in isolation. Your leadership doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Neither does your organization.

You lead with others.

You connect with your clients and customers.

You engage, communicate and serve with others.

Mark Bonchek challenges leaders and organizations to think differently about vision and mission. He believes nailing down your purpose requires some with thinking.

“Remember, this is not something you are going to do to them, or for them, but with them. It’s a journey you will be on together, hopefully for a very long time.”

Such thoughts may challenge you. Connecting with people can be a messy business. Especially, if you think the journey is going to be long. Sometimes the relational dynamics of leadership leave you a little cynical. For some, who are more introverted, the idea of connecting with more people doesn’t feel right. But, leading with others shouldn’t be reduced to an extroverted activity. After all, there are many ways to connect with others.

Leading with others goes much deeper than an effective text, call or email. Intrinsic motivation to serve beyond self, to connect to a purpose that includes the needs and talents of others enriches life. Instead of focusing on the challenges, allow yourself to celebrate the rewards.

Be a good steward of today. Invest wisely, in yourself and others. Take time to refresh when needed. After all, you cannot share with others what you do not have. Then, greet opportunities with openness and authenticity.

Life is dynamic.

Choose the best way to share.

Leadership involves relationships.

Who are you leading with today?



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